I wish for a Parallel Universe

Inspired by the Daily Post.

The Daily Challenge: Pinpoint a moment in your past where you had to make a big decision. Write about that other alternate life that could have unfolded.

Many of you know that the greatest issue in my life is my family’s move to Toronto from Manila. So almost, if not all the things I share here in my blog is about it. I would like to repost this one entry I wrote when I was still back in the Philippines and I was thinking what if I had not come back to spend time with that very special person in my life. What could have happened. I called it In a parallel universe cause if there is a parallel universe I would not want to be in it because I wanted to stay in that moment I was in when I wrote that entry. However, now as I type this new one and I am back in Toronto, I wish for a parallel universe. A parallel universe where I get to relive all the good memories I have spent with you, Edward. Our time will come again. But for now, let me share again my then parallel universe:

In a parallel universe, I would be in a country where I barely love the weather. I would be wrapped up in layers of clothing that itch their way through my skin. Maybe I am happy or maybe I am not. I would still be living with my parents constantly fighting with each one of them alternately. But definitely I would always be in moody terms with my sister. Something absolute. But we will remain to be civil.

In a parallel universe, I would have spent all my money and savings watching concerts that I do not even like so to say I have a grander life than before. I would constantly be hanging out with selected friends whose number I could count through my fingers.

In a parallel universe, I may be in a job that I really would not want but certainly can guarantee more money than what I am earning right now from a job I am enjoying.

In a parallel universe I may be pursuing a specialization because that would be the most rational thing to do aside from studying another 4 years or so.

 In a parallel universe, I am sure I am no longer with you and I am not sure if that version of me is happier but I am sure the version without you is a version I would not want to be. 

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