Inspired by the Daily Post.

I am not sure if people don’t know these things already but let me list down the things I would prefer people to know about me so they can better understand my weirdness. But let me warn you, these are not necessarily interesting or helpful at all. But sharing is caring, right?

  1. I think I might have OCD but not the extreme Sheldon Cooper type. I find it deemed unacceptable to skip making the bed in the morning. If I tell you to do something, I want you to do it PRONTO (or I end up doing it).
  2. I love to read a lot of YA books. I feel like I am still a teen though I am almost reaching my quarter life.
  3. I can’t read comics. This is the greatest frustration of my life. Somebody teach me please.
  4. I watch movies in the movie house by myself and I enjoy every part of it.
  5. I love chocolates more than any food. I can skip a whole meal if it means I get a bar of chocolates. I love Mars.
  6. I panic when left with someone from the opposite sex. I can handle girls, gays and bi’s but please don’t ever leave me with a guy to hang out with (kahit walang malisya, stress pa din ako). I think guys are always judging my every move. Don’t judge me!!
  7. One of my many nonsense hobbies is fangirl-ing. I am a shipper at heart. I ship all kinds of couples. And it really breaks my heart when my ship breaks up. Calling, Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence. Yes, I am looking at you.
  8. It is a struggle to hold my attention. Maybe I have ADHD or is it ADD? Oh wait, what are we talking about again?
  9. I enjoy hanging out with hyper 3-7 year old kids. Anyone beyond that level is not cute anymore (with the exception of my mom of course).
  10. I always say I’d rather have a whiter skin but the truth is, I have come to terms with my skin color. Tan is sexy.

I probably have more from my loot bag but let us leave it with that. Too much information is boring anyway.

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