“When I look in the mirror, I…

… get scared.”

Well not because of my face. It is because of a Korean Horror Story where it is said that your reflection is actually a spirit in another dimension. That probably the one you are looking at is somebody else and not really you. See? IT.IS.CRAZY.SCARY!

Another scary story involving mirrors is the Bloody Mary legend. What do you do when you see a ghost in the mirror? Mirrors are terrifying, don’t you think? And there’s the Snow White story too. But that one is less terrifying than the others. The mirror in the Snow White story is used to tell the queen the truth on who is the fairest in her kingdom. In a way, it is scary too to learn the truth. It is scary for the queen.


Photo not mine.

There is logic behind mirrors as a scary thing. Fact is when we face the mirror we want to see something beautiful, something good to look at. It is our reflection that we get to see every time we face one. But the problem is, sometimes, what we wish to see is not what is reflected. Most probably we want to see a version of us that has a shinier hair, a better skin, a fitter body but then when we go and face the mirror, we see the truth. The truth is revealed in front of us whether we like what we see or not. The mirror is the only way we can really look at ourselves directly. We see even the things we don’t particularly want to see, like a blemished skin, a wrinkle or a gray hair. The truth is scary and the mirror reveals the truth. Thus mirrors are indeed a scary thing to look at.

However, we have to be brave enough. Brave enough to really look at ourselves because no one would do it first for us but us. Don’t worry because:



Inspired by the Daily Post.

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