Nomad Is What I Am

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I always think of becoming a nomad as an alternate life. If I were not to marry someone until I am 30, I promised myself to live a nomadic life. I would be in different countries like in the movie Eat, Pray and Love. Then I would discover and learn new things about others and about myself in the process. I’d write to my parents about my adventure and promise to soon visit them. I’d go to extreme cold places and to extreme hot places and enjoy each part of it. I would meet a variety of people from all sorts of background.

There is just one big hole in my plan. THE FUNDING. Who can fund my expedition if I were to go on an endless adventure like this? If I were to be a nomad maybe I can survive waiting tables in those countries I live in to experience and understand their normal lives. So I can somehow say I have lived their lives by becoming a part of it in a normal way. I would constantly be on the quest of living and wanting to have a contribution to the world I am living at the moment. But it will all boil down to me trying my best to be part of that world but not being able to stay in that world forever. As a nomad, there is no permanent place to settle. Nomads always move from one place to another. I am not sure if that is considered living but the great thing about it is they are always ready when they need to go.

The truth is: we are all nomads in this world. We are not sure when our next move will be which will take us off the current place wherein but we have to be ready when the day comes. And the important thing is, we lived the best life possible in the place where we stayed in before we are taken away from it.


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