Charleston Camping

I have been trying to connect with Mother Nature these past two weeks. Also, I wanted to make something out of the fast ending Indian summer we have been experiencing here in the North. So for two consecutive weekends, I went “camping” and then the week after I went to a cottage in front of the Lake. But I want you to know, E, that it is not as fun without you. I am always wishing you were here. Unlike you, I can’t fully enjoy my trips when you’re not around. It makes me sad. Anyway, let me tell you first about my camping trip. I am not really the camping type. I am definitely not a camper. I even skipped camping during my Girl Scout days. So yes, you can say that I am a virgin camper. I agreed because they promised me it would only be an overnight stay. So all right. Bring it. That’s what she said.

It was Sunday morning when we left Toronto at six in the morning and off we went to the North Eastern path. The drive was four hours long and we headed to Charleston, wherever that was. We arrived at Charleston and immediately after eating went on a ten-kilometer hike. The trail was classified as a difficult trail. Only after hiking did I know why.

Now, let me share to you my thoughts while I was hiking (Please excuse the swear words. I think in swear words. I am sorry in advance. You can judge me).


1KM mark:

“That was just one kilometer??? I thought we walked like at least four kilometers already”


2KM mark:

“Shit man, I have to do more cardio when I get back to the city. I am so weak. My heart’s pounding. What have I gotten myself into?”

3KM 3KM mark:

“Why are they moving so fast? HUHUHUHUHUHU. Faaaak, I want to rest. My glasses are slipping. I feel so sweaty”

4Km4KM mark:

“Think of something else. Think of a distraction. Think of… OMG I AM HUNGRYYYYY”

5 - rest

5KM mark:

“Yayyyyy!!!! We’re halfway through. I guess it’s easier doing that remaining five kilometers. I can do this but hell I’m sweating like shit. This wouldn’t look too good on the pictures”

up top

Halfway through the trail, we actually had a stopover and took in the breathtaking scenery up there in the mountain (Was that a mountain we hiked? Seriously lost here) and I thought to myself:

“This looks like one of the scenes in Sassy Girl. Yeah, the one I watched last night. Maybe this is also the reason people climb high mountains because the view is just amazing. They would really make an effort to climb and see this kind of view. And this is nothing yet. Five-kilometer hike is only climbing the foot of a mountain. Oh water, where is my water? Why did I only bring one water bottle? OH GOD! Why did I bring this small red purse?”

sayang saya

6KM mark:

“Where is my MARS? I remember packing one. Now, where is it? I want to eat while hiking, yeah, I can definitely do that”


7KM mark:

“I see a bridge. Wow, that looks like a weird bridge. Why is it on the water? But I think we’re really close now ‘cause there is a sign of a man made thing. I want to take pictures on that bridge. That would look cool”


8KM mark:



9KM mark:

“I need to walk faster. I can’t see my group anymore. Oh, that’s a nice yellow rain poncho, CHINESE FAMILY. That kid is so cute. I will take a picture of her. How come that little girl is hiking? Is she going to hike that same ten-kilometer I just did? Nahhh”


10KM mark:

I did not actually see the 10KM mark, I just knew it was the end because we were back from the beginning of the trail. But the struggle did not end there because we had to walk back to our campground.



“FUCK YEAAAAHHH!!! There is food and I can change and I can wash my hands and I can get clean and I can take nicer pictures. Oh the pictures I want to see the pictures”


EAT. CLEAN UP. SLEEP. All pictures are from my sister, Kim Mercado. 
And I have a horror story from my camping trip. Check it out on my next post.
Thanks, Debed for inviting us to come. 
I had fun but I am not a convert of that whole camping idea yet.

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