The Joke(r) was on us

As promised, here is the horror story I wanted to share with you guys. This happened during our camping trip. So as I have told you, during the day, we went on a ten-kilometer hike. Kim, my sister, went to do a photo walk. She was taking random pictures while walking. Most of them include my ASS. But that’s not the scary part yet. As we were reviewing all the pictures she got from that day, there was this one picture, which includes a trunk of a tree. But on the right side of the tree there was a person peeking, and that person was not invited and not from our group. There was a joker peeking and his face was so visible that my immediate reaction was like this “KIM, FUCK, DELETE MO YANNNN!!!” and she did. Now, we don’t have any evidence of the picture.


But it did not end right there. It was Sunday and it was eleven near midnight when we all went to bed. All people from our group went to sleep in their respective tents. Kim and I decided to sleep in the car. We put down the backseat so we have more space. Kim was on the right side and I stayed on the left. Our feet were on the backside of the car and our heads were on the driver’s side. I woke up in the middle of the night and I checked my phone for the time.  It was three in the morning and I had to pee. Good timing, pee. It was so dark outside, no bonfire, no stars, and no moon. There was no way Kim was going to wake up to come with me to pee. She’s basically dead. I had come to terms with my pee. Pee, you can’t come until the sun’s up. But then I had made the mistake to look outside the car. Outside the car, on my feet’s side, there was a shadow. There was a man outside peeking inside the car where we were sleeping. Call me hyper imaginative but I saw him. He was wearing a hooded jacket and was looking into the car. I first though it was one of my friends checking up on us but given the ten-kilometer hike we did, I don’t think anybody would be up at that hour. I closed my eyes and started to pray. But I did not know what exactly what to pray. I only uttered “Lord” continuously while my eyes were closed. After five minutes, I re-opened my eyes and looked outside. The person was still there, still peeking in. My body froze and I didn’t really know what else to do. So many things ran into my mind. What if the person peeking in opens the backdoor? What if the person murders us? Who is that person? Why is he peeking in? Should I go out and confront him? Is he even a boy or a girl? I’m never going camping again…

Then a light came from outside – not sure if it’s from a car or from a flashlight. And that was when the person left and ran towards the woods part of the campground.

I tried so hard to forget that I needed to pee and went back to sleep.

I awoke the next morning and saw the car’s back window with a trace of arms like somebody really peeked in. That was my evidence and nothing else. Thankfully, when I woke up, the sun was up though it was painfully cold. I ran out of the car and took a pee which I have kept for more than three hours or so. I asked the people from my group but none of them checked us out that night. I, therefore conclude, that person is either a bad person with bad motives whom we should have reported or someone not of our kind.

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