Shalom by the Lake

I have been wanting to go away on a weekend and stay in a cottage. I wanted to experience the cottage life. And I diiiiid!!!

So it was made possible by my aunts who arranged it a year ago. Yay to them! The place was called Shalom and it was directly in front of the lake. Kayaking, paddle boating and canoeing were definitely free. What I actually remember was the movie Last House on the Left. The image that was stuck in my head from the movie was the deck. And there was one that exactly looks like it in Shalom. But I think every cottage had that same visual. I am just weird or maybe because it was my first time experiencing the whole cottage thing.

Shalom was a two to three-hour drive from Toronto. I can’t exactly say that it was easy getting there since my aunt’s GPS kind of failed her. She called the GPS, Vangina. Vangina failed us by declaring you have arrived at your destination. But clearly we were not because there we were in the middle of the road, between rocky landscapes. Where was Shalom exactly? Tita Cel drove around until we found it!!! And finally, we had our dinner at 9PM or something. It was cold so we were all wearing our hoodies. The next day was Sunday so we attended Church. After that, we had a walk and then we ate lunch. It was a simple routine but it was relaxing especially when you get to see the place. Now I present to you some pictures from Shalom, all taken by my sister, Kim Mercado.

Here they are:





10 9 8 7 6

11 14


sama to

I only stayed for the weekend but my family stayed for the whole week. But I came back for a day trip along with my friends and yes, we enjoyed the place.

Here are more pictures:


Fun in the Sand (with my help)


My sister likes taking pictures of my ass. This is the evidence.


I’m the Star.. Jumper.


Problem: How to paddle 101

21 30 33 34


12 15



Promise. Wala akong masamang balak kay Peachy.


Kung may look up si Ryzza Mae, meron kaming “look down” #what



photo 22

Bonding over cold water

Sharing is Caring!

Good vibes all the way!!

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