I quit.

Inspired by Daily Post.

I am a fan of happy endings. I mean, who is not? This is the main reason why Disney alter most of the “fairytale” stories so they might fit the happy ending movie category. But that is beside the point I am making today. Today is all about the story of an ending. Let me tell you my favourite ending. It happened on the 23rd of January this year. On that day, I ended one part of my life — I kissed dating goodbye for good. I quit being single and became double, bad joke. No, I quit being single and got married. I became a wife. Until now, it has not sunk in yet. Maybe the reason was because there was no honeymoon and now I am miles apart from my husband. I think honeymoons are designed to make a couple feel that the wedding is really official and warrants them that they can finally live together afterwards. Honeymoons are the sweet transitions from boyfriend girlfriend stage leading to that husband wife stage. No honeymoons happened for us. But one thing was for sure, I never had any second thoughts in my decision. I knew it was going to happen. I wanted it to happen but I did not know it would be this soon for us (or did I). I felt excited about it but I was not able to savour the moment until the moment was right to my face. Even hours before the wedding, I felt that for some bizarre reason, it was only one of the many occasions that I would be a part of, would get over with and would not have any effect after.

But all the effects are slowly making my way up to my brain. It is all sinking in, FINALLY. I think your congratulations are in order. I am now Ericka Ana Calderon Mercado – Estandarte. Though I am not changing my last name yet for some legal issues, I have now taken Edward’s well being as mine. I can not think selfishly just for myself because in that other part of the world, I know that someone is thinking all the same good things for me.

Semisonic said that ‘every new beginning comes from some other’s beginning’s end.’ I am happy that I took my own ending and change it to my own beautiful beginning. But I definitely know who I want to take me home. He took me home on the 23rd 😉

– Mrs E


(c) Aylwyn Valenciano

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