Only Plan A (only you)

Inspired by the Daily Post.

The challenge for today was to write a dialogue between two people or more. The thing I immediately thought about was to share our wedding vows. I am posting our vows not to point out how much I wrote compared to Edward. I am posting this entry to share the happiness I felt upon hearing Edward’s vows since he read his first. I felt happy because our vows, though we wrote it separately like how it should be, were so aligned. I swear in that moment, we were one. I can say now that yes, we are connected in more ways I know. And this is the truth. Just read on.

 Mr E:

I remember the time when we argued about having a Plan B to C instead of only having a Plan A. It may be applicable at times, but right now, at this moment, there is only Plan A. No other options, just you. You are my focus. You are my goal. You are my future.

Mrs E:

I was only sure of one thing in my life, before, and that was to enter my dream university, UP. I remembered it clearly. I was so nervous that day I felt I was gonna pee in my pants every five seconds. I feel like that today again. So today is the second sure thing in my life. I have never been more sure in marrying you. I remember last year during my confession, I told the priest that I will get married this year. OO, pinlano ko ‘to.

Today, I am committing to you, God as my witness. I am thanking the Lord for letting me found someone who’s ready and most of all willing to commit as well. There’s no one else for me but you, Edward. No plan B’s. There’s only Plan A. There’s only you.

Mr E:

In the presence of God and our family, I offer you my solemn vow to be your faithful husband, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, til death do us part.

Mrs E:

Madalas ako magsabi ng pwede na pero sa vow na ito, hindi ko masabi kasi ang dami pa ding kulang. I wrote tons of vows before today but I still found myself cramming from last night til this morning. But let me just say this:

I will be your misis despite your init ng ulo pag gutom ka na. I will be your misis regardless the diameter of your tiyan. And most importantly, I will remain to be your misis kahit nasa kabilang parte pa ako ng mundo. I chose you not by default as if there’s no one else available to me. I promise to stay with you everyday that we wake up. I promise to stay with you everyday that we fight or mabadtrip sa isa’t isa. I promise to stay with you when we disappoint each other. Edward, I will choose you over and over. I promise to choose you everyday.

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