Action Star

Inspired by the Daily Post.

My favorite movie of all time is Kill Bill. Maybe it is because of Quentin Tarantino. Maybe it is because of the violence, but either way, the movie is winning. I loved the whistle effect they made as a trademark of the movie. I loved the idea of the tragic bride. I  loved the dramatic death of Bill by Kiddo’s five point palm exploding heart technique. I believed that Uma Thurman in her yellow pantsuit was my spirit animal. For so long I wanted to be like her (Kiddo).

I distracted myself with other violent films but they were no good cause I have seen the best. Nothing can compare to it. So I decided after I watched So Close, Naked Weapon, Nikita, Tomb Raider and even Charlie’s Angels, that I want to become an action star. I would want to star in a Quentin Tarantino film and call it mine. I will battle out with everyone and invent a move that can be as cool as the five point Kiddo has or maybe the spine technique of the Naked Weapon girls. This is one of my many dreams.


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