Black Cloak

Inspired by the Daily Post.

If I were to invent one gadget or machine, it would be a black cloak that can make me teleport instead of making me invisible. Teleporting should be invented already. Imagine how we can avoid traffic. Travelling to work is one of my most hated part of the job. I wish my ย job would just be a 5 minute walk from my house. But my my my, my current job is too far for my life and I do not even have a car for crying out loud. Sorry for whining. But if there is the black cloak, I can be at work in just 5 minutes!

But you know who has that teleportation powers? Do Min Joon! So I may or may not have watched episodes 1 to 14 of a Korean drama in just 2 days with work and jet lag. Jeon Ji Hyun of my favorite Sassy Girl and Kim Soo Hyun star in this drama and they always give me all the feels in the world. I want my lover to have teleportation too so he can come visit me here in Canada! These two are very charming. I can watch it over and over again. The show is called My Love from the Star. This is my ship. I hope they make a movie together. And I hope someone can invent a black cloak too! I am so excited about everything!


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7 thoughts on “Black Cloak

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