No Shame

Inspired by the Daily Post.

Today, I was asked to write about something embarrassing. I think, think, think and think some more. But nothing, nada comes to mind. And I think I know the reason why: I do not feel any shame anymore. In Tagalog, walang hiya ako, literally. When I was a kid, I felt shy doing the most trivial things like ordering at McDonalds, crossing the pews in the Church, and calling someone over the phone. I tell you, I had some major issues when I was younger. But I grew up, thought why exactly I felt embarrassed doing those things. My mom asked me too consistently. I told myself that there was no point getting embarrassed pero sumobra ata sa kakapalan ng muka. But seriously now, I get to make fun of myself instead of feeling embarrassment because I am comfortable with my personality. Now, people do not need to tell me that I did something  embarrassing cause I tell them myself.

It is probably one of those defence mechanism but I realized no one can hurt you with things you’ve accepted yourself. I felt ashamed with my skin colour for years but as soon as I have accepted it, I am free. Free of embarrassment and free of self loathe that I shouldn’t be even feeling in the first place. God only gave me the good things, it is just up to me how to appreciate them.

Count your blessings! Happy Friday!


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