I like to do the dishes, apparently

Inspired by the Daily Post.

Apparently, I love to do what a lot of people would not enjoy doing: cleaning. I have been cleaning since I was in grade school when I bartered my cleaning services in exchange for my mom’s attendance in the Parent Teacher Meeting. I do not know why any parent would not represent their achiever kid. I grew up hating the idea of cleaning actually because I associated it with something that I felt like I was forced to do. But I thank my mom for letting it be that way. Today, cleaning feels natural. I am not sure if it makes sense to you but cleaning is a way for me to relax. It is my stress reliever other than Yoga. When I clean, I feel like I am accomplishing something even if I am not saving anybody’s life. And the most important thing is when I clean, you have to make sure that you keep the things you want to keep cause I will keep it for you. And I may or may not remember after where I put your things after I clean.

If I did not know better maybe I would have liked a job in housekeeping because I really enjoy cleaning. I can probably do it all day not to mention it is good exercise. Now I am thinking if there is something wrong with me. So I did some Googling and it make sense now why I love to clean.

According to Real Simple here’s 8 reasons why (and I have written my piece before I even read the reasons below):

1. It gives a sense of accomplishment

2. It calms the mind

3. It’s a way to stay control

4. It’s a stress reducer

5. It’s a form of meditation

6. It’s a mood boosting workout

7. It’s a reflection of who you are and how you feel

8. It’s a reflection of how you take care of yourself

All the points except 7 and 8 were readily on my reasons why I think I love to clean. It may have been something that was taught to me because of some circumstances when I was younger but it definitely is a reflection of who I am now, how I feel and how I take care of myself. You can say I want me pretty so same goes for my house. I can’t wait to have my own!


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