On the other side

Inspired by the Daily Post.

We had a spacious backyard when we were in the Philippines. My mom used to walk an hour a day as her form of exercise. My sister and I used to play badminton, volleyball and all sorts of sports we can play there. One time, my mom, my sister and I were playing volleyball and the ball bounced off to our neighbour’s house. We were never friendly with our neighbours. So instead of normally asking our neighbour for our ball back guess what we did?

We improvised a chair which my mom used to step on while she lifted my sister up so she can reach the ball on the other side of the fence to bring it back to our side. I stood there watching the whole thing. I watched how the chair become unsteady for my mom to step on. I watched how my mom struggled to hold on to my sister. I saw my sister fell. I was frozen the whole time, useless. My mom pulled my sister back to our side of the fence but she fell with a big thump. She cried. She had a lot of bruises. But when we look back now, we laughed about it. We realized how stupid the idea was. I mean, how hard was it to just ASK?


If you never ask, you’ll never know the answer. The Bible even said “ask, and it will be given to you” (Matthew 7:7). If we had asked, we could have avoided a lot of pain. If only we knew how to ask, then we could have gotten the ball back.


3 thoughts on “On the other side

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