About Time

Inspired by the Daily Post.

The other night, I was watching About Time where the main character can travel back and forth time. I thought about a thing that I wanted to change in my life like if I was able to travel like him. If it was still 2011, I probably would have said that I would go back to 2009, not get into the plane and probably do something else besides going to Canada. But now that it is 2014, a lot has changed. I do not have any of those thoughts anymore. Not even one bit. My goal now is to live and love in the present and look forward into my future. I know I have a very bright one. I learned that all that happened in the past was meant to lead us to where we are now.

In the movie About Time, the main character’s dad passed away but the main character was able to go back in time to revisit some of his dad’s moments together spent with him but he finally had to let go. Like every other normal person, we will have the chances to revisit people, things and moments of our lives but eventually we have to move on. We can choose moments that can we can hold on to as long as we want and store it into our memories but even then those will be replaced by new ones. Good old memories can be replaced by new painful ones. Our closest friends can become our worst enemy or friendship can just fall apart. But we have the power to choose which and who stays with us and which ones go away. The choosing comes from us.  And the photo above, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the moments with one of the people I would like to stay in my mind and heart forever.

Still on high.


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