Golden Rule

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I believe in Karma. It’s not because of the religion closely related to it but more importantly, it’s because I believe that whatever you put into this world has a way of reaching you back.. eventually. Confucius had a golden rule which has the same concept as Karma: “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

As a human being, I have these mistakes and bad decisions that I tend to make from time to time. There are reasons behind the decisions and emotions invested when I do them. But after everything has been said and done, I am left out with all the consequences of my actions at a later time. I do not deal with the consequences right away. But most often than not, it builds up and bites me from behind.

Our unhealthy eating and sleeping habits will eventually affect our health one way or the other. Our poor investment of money can lead us to bankruptcy. But if we take care of ourselves, if we eat healthy, if we exercise and get the right amount of sleep, we will harvest it later on for sure. If we save up early on then probably we have money when we get older. Our actions today dictates so much about our many tomorrows.

But you know where Karma does not apply? It’s with Jesus. Because even when we sin against him, He still gives us so much forgiveness when we ask and repent. We betray him but He remains to be our friend. No matter how much angst we have on him, He has so much love for us, it overcomes everything. They say that Jesus is love. Therefore, love means forgiving when you were wronged. Love means loving despite the hurt. We might not get unlimited chances in life but in love, there’s always Jesus Christ ready to embrace us with open arms. He is just waiting for us to realize that. Realize that today. Embrace that love!


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