Dream Job

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I honestly do not know what I want to do for the rest of my life aka job. When I was in High School, it was clear what I wanted to become, a Pharmacist. I actually got admitted to a university to study it. But I chose to study the Arts instead. It felt nice to study it. It felt liberating, refreshing and most of all interesting. I even continued studying it here and got a degree out of it. Until I was out looking for jobs and I felt lost. What job description do I even search for? I ended up in an Admin spot in a medical clinic as of the moment but I do not think that this is my dream job. It is only a temporary stint. So what do I really want? I am not sure. So I thought of listing down the things that interest me the most and finally it can help me with what I would want to study again this coming September:

1. I like to write fun posts not the serious ones though. I like to blog about first hand experience that people can relate to. I want my blog to be informative as well.

2. I like to watch a lot of media. My media consumption in a day probably covers 3/4 of my 24 hours. I only stop when I sleep.

3. I like to research for people. I may be clueless about something the first time but I can turn that around by researching.

4. I like to help people. I could be helping them cross the street to giving them directions to giving them a lift.

5. I like to present an idea to people. I like to do some public speaking or some focus group discussion.

6. I like to organize a party, or a book shelf, or a hard drive.

7. I like to have a job that people can look up to. I want to be able to interact with a lot of people.

8. I like to work in front of a computer connecting to social media.

I am still on my way to finally discerning what my future ultimate job  is. But it is definitely something that can help people out using the media and information. So maybe my degree is actually a fit for me. I just have to use it efficiently. But we all know that having a degree is not enough. Continuous learning and having a specialization is necessary to move forward. So what are the possible specializations for Communications Major like me? Here are some useful links I found by browsing Sheridan’s College 1 to 2 year program certifications:

Interested in Events Management? Click here.

Interested in Advertising? Click here.

Interested in Marketing? Click here.

Interested in Human Resource? Click here.

Interested in Public Relations? Click here.

Interested in Broadcasting? Click here.

Interested in  New Media? Click here.

Interested in Print Media? Click here.

By combining Communications Degree with certifications listed above, I am sure that one would be more equipped in entering the professional world. These are just some of the choices that I could think of as of the moment but I am sure there are more. The possibilities are endless. Dream big!


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