28 or never

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I had always given myself deadlines for certain things. I had always like making timelines. It makes me feel secure that I have an organize way of dealing with my days. When I was about to leave for Canada in 2009, Edward and I planned our June to October activities. We planned where we were supposed to go, what we were supposed to do, etc. It was fun planning cause we get a sense of accomplishment whenever we cross one after another in our list. I also timeline-d all of my semesters studying at York University. I had also timeline-d myself when to get married. I told myself: “It is 28 or never”

But I guess God has a different plan for me cause I got married at 25. I know, I know, for my generation, this age is considered young. My mom even got married when she was 30+ but I am sure that I am ready. I am sure with whom as well. What I am saying is that even if we plan everything ahead, it does not end up how we want it to be. When a moment comes, we just have to accept it and carry on. I had an ultimatum for myself but I did not need it. I had more ahead but if it does not happen, I would definitely feel bad but I would be able to move on.

We will always have different ultimatum we will set for ourselves or others will set for us. We probably want to become a millionaire by the age of 25. We may want to finish our graduate schools before we are 30. We may want children before 40. But you know what’s good about life? It surprises you.

Just take it all in!


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