Inevitable Oblivion

Inspired by the Daily Post and The Fault In Our Stars.

“You know why people fear death? Because they will be forgotten.”

(Do Min Joon, You Who Came From the Stars)

Similar to what Gus from the Fault in Our Stars said, it is oblivion that we fear. We are bound to be forgotten. When we die, the world won’t stop for us. And after some years, nobody would even know that we existed unless you are the Queen. But even so, the fact that still remains is, the world won’t stop its orbit for just one person. So what can we do about it? Live well. We have to enjoy the moments of life. But it is not that easy. I let a lot of moments pass by so quickly without even participating in them and definitely not being able to enjoy them. When I die, I want people to remember me as someone who enjoyed what has been given to her. I want them to envision me as someone who is like a child, able to forget, trust and accept quickly.

I also believed in what José Julián Martí Pérez, a Cuban national hero had said to leave a legacy in this world: plant a tree, write a book, and have a child. 

I may never have a chance to publish a book but this blog right here will be one of my legacies that I can leave in this world. When aliens come and search the Earth million years from now, this blog will be here in the online world and they can read about my story. They will know about my life, my love, and the things that had mattered to me when I was living. I will have children one day and we shall plant trees together. We shall all live well and Christ will be the center of it all. We shall go for long drives, walks, runs and we shall fail. But as long as we’re together, we shall be okay.

Oblivion may be inevitable for you and me but there will be a person who will make us feel that it is unimportant. In this life, we will meet someone who will never forget us even if the whole world does. And in return, for us, only that will matter. Just like Gus and Hazel.

We shall remain in them. And them in us.


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