No Smoking!

I hate people who smoke.

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I do not drink and I do not smoke. When I party I drink Iced Tea. I do not believe fun, honesty or courage comes from a component or a liquid which makes people lose themselves. Fun, honesty and courage will come from me. Otherwise, they are unreal. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of friends who drink and smoke. I am not judging them but I just don’t get why they do what they do. I even have this irrational statement in College: “If I was the President, I would kill all people who smoke while walking on the streets”. I hate when people smoke while they walk on the streets and the smoke goes into MY FACE. Are not streets supposed to be a non smoking area?

Why am I so pissed of?

I try to live a  healthy life as much as possible. I try to get that 7-8 hours of sleep. I try to exercise when I can. I try to eat vegetables. I try to balance my stress. So I do not get the point why I, an innocent by stander, get that smoke on my face. I try to take care of myself so I do not appreciate if I will get sick because of irresponsible people around me.

My dad smoked a lot when my sister and I were younger. I can’t stand it and I can’t stand him. I told him if he does not want to take care of himself, it is fine by me. But I told him if he can stop smoking for us because we all know secondhand smoke is worse. He did not stop then but he does not smoke now. There’s too much tax in Canada to even buy cigarettes.

Vices are some of the illogical things we do. I have my own vice which is taking in too much media but I don’t understand why I do not run away from it. I enjoy it. Watching is my stress reliever. I find solace knowing that at the end of a busy and tiring day, I can get lost in a character’s monologue, a lover’s argument or experience a different world altogether. I get to experience things I would not be able to while sitting on the couch. When I watch, I start to live the fantasy and the dream.

I am not to judge people. I am giving people who smoke the benefit of the doubt. They have their own reasons. Reasons I do not know of. My prayer for you and me is to not be controlled by our vices cause it is really easy to get lost but the hard part is getting back on track. Remember, it takes a hand to light a cigarette. The choice is always in our hands.


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