Sleeve free

Inspired by the Daily Post.

I like to wear sleeveless tops. If it weren’t for the cold weather here, I would’ve worn a plain sleeveless top to work, to school and to everywhere. Growing up, I have lived in the tropics to even understand the importance of long sleeves top and scarves. I want my underarms to be free and fresh all the time. Here is the list of the benefits of wearing a plain kilikili-free top:

  • You can wipe off your underarms if it becomes sweaty. No need to worry about jabar!
  • You can instantly turn it into something formal by just adding an appropriate blazer.
  • You can pair it with crazily designed pants, skirt or shorts.
  • It is easy to accessorize. Since it’s plain, adding huge necklaces, bracelets or earrings would accentuate it and not ruin the whole outfit.
  • You can wear one sleeveless top over another and it can look like a different piece altogether.
  • And the most important thing of all is, it is light to wear.


The lightness is what attracted me the most. You know in North America, almost all clothing pieces are heavy. When you go out, you have to protect yourself from the cold. Sometimes, my daily activities are hindered by the heavy clothing cause it makes me not want to go out anymore just thinking about all the layers I will be needing to wear. But I learn to realize that I should go ahead with my day no matter how many layers I have to wear. Nothing should wear me down. If anything, the heavy clothing should help me deal with my day.

What we wear reflects how we want to be seen by the world. I may have liked the plain sleeveless top cause I want to be perceived as someone who is carefree, easygoing but able to adapt with the changes. Like my favourite piece of fashion item, I can be partnered with crazily design pieces that would compliment me. I would choose pieces that would bring out the best in me and not ruin me.

You see, fashion is not as shallow as how many people perceived it to be. Fashion has its history and most often than not, it represents something bigger than just being pretty. With this, I shall leave you a quote by the famous fashion icon, Tom Ford:

“Dressing well is a kind of good manners, if you ask me. When you’re standing in a room, your effect is the same as a chair’s effect, or a sculpture’s. You’re part of someone’s view, you’re part of that world, and so you should dress well. I find it’s a show of respect to try to put on your best face and look as good as you can.”

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