It’s always a good time

Inspired by the Daily Post.

If I were given the chance to do all the fun things I want with a big budget backing me up, I would like to do the following:


Photos not mine

  • Hot Air Balloon in Loire Valley, France

This is inspired  by the disney movie, UP. In the Philippines, every February there is the Hot Air Balloon Festival but you can only watch them but you are not able to be in the balloon. So being able to be in the balloon is definitely one of the fun things I would want to do if I were given the chance to.

  • Ride the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express in Europe

This is inspired by the TV show, Big Bang Theory. In the latest episode of the comedy TV show, Sheldon and Amy went to celebrate Valentine’s day together in a vintage locomotive train. So for myself and Edward, I would want to experience that fine dining while in a moving train too. I would like to enjoy the view while eating some fine desserts.

  • Walk the “Lovers Bridge” in Yeojwa Stream, Korea

Obviously, this one’s inspired by My Love From Another Star. Though the characters have not been in this “Lovers Bridge” exactly, I want to experience Korea in the most romantic sense possible. I can just imagine the cherry blossoms falling while I walk hand in hand with Edward.

  • Visit Shire-like home in Switzerland

This is inspired by the Lord of the Rings. Edward and I are fans of the Middle Earth. I remember how he keeps on repeating Gandalf’s line “YOU FOOLS” while I was mesmerized by the Shire. It has been my life long dream to have a Shire one day. I am not too sure if I want to live in one but I would definitely want to visit one! I have this crazy notion that Edward will build one for me. Let’s see.

  • Paraglide in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Inspired by the movie, Rio. I never thought that a movie about birds would bring so much happy hormones in my life. Whenever I see the colours, the dances, I can’t help but wish I could visit Brazil pronto. I would want to try paragliding there while overlooking the statue of Jesus Christ with His arms wide open.

  • Sky Dive in Everest, Nepal

I was never scared of heights. I would go ten times for the Behemoth in Wonderland. I am game for the Drop Tower. I would go for anything that can give me that height adrenaline rush. I wanted to sky dive in Nepal cause I know the Everest, which is the highest mountain, is there. Therefore, my view while free falling can never go wrong.

  • Beach Bumming at Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa, Maldives

I am never a fan of beaches because I did not want to get darker than what I already am. But now, I do not care anymore. Being on the beach, my feet touching the sand, me taking in the sun, they are the most precious experience I think about during the winter here in Canada. I would trade anything just to have one day of that summer heat. I chose Maldives because an island for a country says a lot already. I am sure their beaches are amazing. I like the water and the water will like me.

  • Dine at CN tower while overlooking Toronto

I already live here so why not promote local tourism? The CN tower is the world’s tallest free standing structure as of the moment. Thanks, Google. How can you not want to go there and dine and see all things beautiful below you? I would go there at night so I can see all the city lights. And I would eat a six course meal until I am so fat, my weight would just take me down.

  • Swim with the Jellyfish in Palau, Micronesia

Inspired by the movie, Finding Nemo. But unlike Dory, I would not want to be stung the jellyfish but I want to be able to interact with them safely. Keyword: safely. The video below was shot in a lake where the existing jellyfish lost their stung so one can safely enjoy them. Don’t you think it looks so much fun?

And I shall do it all with Edward. Even without these, it’s always a good time with you, baby. Happy wedding monthsary!


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