Sakura Spring Blooms

The good thing about four seasons in the country I am living in right now is that I get to appreciate each season with the excitement of starting another one after some months (especially if it is winter time hehe). During the winter months, it was so hard to function, let alone think what to write. It felt as if I just wanted to be left alone, until better days come. And it finally came. It was mid-April when Canada finally started to have plus (+) degrees weather. It was safe to say that it was spring time. During spring, not only are there slight showers every now and then but also it is the season where you see people from the markets and superstores carrying big and small pots with flowers. I have never been this excited to see colors other than black and white and gray which I remember were the only colors during winter time (and the colors I actually like to wear).

photo 1



After work, which was four in the afternoon at the most, I would drive around our area with my mom to buy potted flowers hoping that they would survive at l east the season with our care. We bought different kinds with different colors. We bought some from the Chinese market, from IKEA and from Costco. Surprisingly, they all carry potted flowers during this season.


My sister waters them everyday (apparently)

Yesterday I had an unexpected trip to High Park where the Sakura Trees aka Cherry Blossoms are. They bloom in a very specific and short period of time only. This year, because of the extended and gruesome winter, the blooming of these Sakura Trees was delayed. If I am not mistaken, they only started blooming last weekend. I have been following news on their blooming due to the fact that I have not visited this park in any of the previous years I was in the country. Luckily this year, I succeeded! Score!!!


These Sakura trees were planted in 1959 and were all the way from Tokyo, Japan. Yes, like me, they started as migrants in this country. Their original habitat was in Asia. But of course, they survive here as well. At the time, Japan Ambassador Toru- Hagiwara presented 2000 of these Sakura Trees as a thank you to Toronto for accommodating Japanese- Canadians following the Second World War (source).


The flowers from these Sakura Trees only stay from a week to a week and a half until the leaves come out. And what does it say about life?

There are things in life that we can not force. Like the flowers of the Sakura Trees, we have to wait for the perfect timing but when it comes, we know it is all worth it. I know it will be worth it. 


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