Mother’s Day Edition: Harbourfront Cruise

This Mother’s Day, I decided to gift my mom with a trip to the harbour front centre to have a ferry tour. It was Sunday and I was praying so hard for a good weather since I am driving to the harbour and I wanted to have a nice view for my mom to see. Thankfully, the universe conspired. We got there safe, sound and sunny (the place was hehe).



IMG_6224The weather was very cooperative and it was not until we started the cruise that we figured out why all the other passengers were wearing thicker jackets than us. IT WAS COLD out there because we were close to the water. FUN FACT: Even with 30+ degree weather, the warmest the water can be in the lake would be 15 – 20 degrees (source from our tour guide).  This is also the reason why there were no fishes inhabiting the lake. Fish do not like it cold, honey. But I read that it is being researched (source).

There was one stop during the cruise when the skyline of Toronto, with the CN Tower standing loud and proud, can be clearly seen. I did not do enough justice but let me show you so you have a visual of what I am talking about. We were far away from the shoreline. But it was awesome (and really cold).


Here are some more pictures before, during and after our activity:

Harbour Front-87

Happy Mother’s day, Dodababes!

IMG_6230 IMG_6302 IMG_6252 IMG_6303 IMG_6235 Harbour Front-272 IMG_6227Harbour Front-76Harbour Front-72

All photos were taken by my sister, Kim Mercado. 

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