Treetop Trekking

Last weekend was the official start (for me) of good weather here in the GTA. Oh man, I can finally say it is a “shirt and flip flops” weather and I can finally wear them (not only dream about wearing them). For our first line of activity, we decided to pay $65+ tax to enjoy some treetop trekking adventure. My mom thought that this activity would be similar to hiking. After carefully watching their promotional video seen on their site, I knew my mom was wrong. But it was something similar to what I have tried before in Subic for only Php620. Hashtag Philippines. Another hashtag RP. Read here. Both were enjoyable and I could not say I like the other one better than the other. But let me talk about their differences/similarities:


Both follow the “always wear your helmet” rule which brings me to the conclusion: “I would never look cool or fashionable in this activity” thus I would not take a selfie. But who did I kid anyway?


The thing is, in the Philippines, we were kind of spoiled cause each stop, there were people assigned to harness us every time. But here in Hunstville, you carry your own weight. If you did not listen to the orientation — how to harness yourself and steer when zip lining — beforehand, you probably have been kicked out of the premises already.

Side note:


The Canadian Culture, as I have observed, often values and pushes independence. That is probably why when you turn 18 here, you may go and live on your own. Unlike in the Philippines where family literally stays together until the a grand kid goes to College already. You know what I mean. In Canada, we clean up after our own in the food court, in fast food chains, but in the Philippines, there’s the “crew” that we depend on to clean after us. But how about we help them a little by returning trays in the nearest drop off bin?

Time Value

We were given three hours to finish five courses in Treetop Trekking in Huntsville. In Subic, I remembered that we were not given a specific time but we were given the day to finish the activities that we have paid for. I guess, both lets you go on your own pace. The only difference is that given the limited three hours in Huntsville, we were pushed to finish the courses all at once without stopping because time is money! Also, if you start to climb a course in Huntsville, there is no way you can turn back because if you do, you would only be going back to the same ropes you had crossed already. Here are some of the courses we had to climb:






Since we had to climb on our own in Huntsville and only two persons were allowed on what they called as “game” (the ropes/zipline), we were able to communicate more. Since if we don’t, we can get a green wrist band for not following the instructions and we can get kicked out. In Subic, we communicated more while in the car. It was our “chismisan” time to the nth level. The interaction and enjoyment level depends on the people you are with. But take note, do not invite your friends who are afraid of heights. Be nice to them and do not invite them. I repeat do not invite them cause you would not get any interaction/bonding moments with them. And treetop trekking is not a good choice for a first date cause 1. you would look ridiculous in it and 2. it would not bring your best face and body angle.

Side note:


I expected that I would not be able to wear anything fancy for this activity so I opted for my regular gym clothes. And thus:


Shameless bathroom selfie

I was carrying a knapsack and I had my water bottle, sunblock, wallet and a change of clothes inside it. This would not matter once you are doing the activity. While we were climbing I was only able to bring my phone cause I wanted to document the experience no matter how hard it was. I would recommend wearing something that has a zipper pocket unlike the sweater I was wearing in the above photo. It would be easier to carry your phone or camera if you wear something that has a secure pocket zipper.

Treetop trekking is a good activity during the summer among friends (who are not afraid of heights). It is also a very nice upper workout. I would end this post with a screen cap of my “Tarzan” jump. This is the very last climbing course where we actually jump off a sort-of cliffhanger.





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