Blue Mountain in the Summer

So to date the second weekend of my summer, I asked my friends politely (forcefully?) to visit Blue Mountain because I have not been there before. This summer’s theme is all about Carpe Diem-ing simply because I deserve it since from the moment we moved, I have been working and studying religiously, I am sorry if that’s blasphemy. Simply put, I have not been able to really enjoy Canada because I did not have time for pleasure then. But now that I have my degree, I have a job and I can drive, I am infinite. HAHAHAHA!!!

Anyways, it was a two-hour drive from the city and the road was not even a highway where the maximum is 100KM. The maximum was only 80KM so it was sort of a baby highway. It was all the way Highway 10 aka Hurontario going North. I slept in the car. David was driving. Kat was riding shotgun and Donita was sleeping at the back beside me. It was our after church bonding and we knew that it was going to be a long day ahead.

Side note:

Blue Mountain is actually more popular during the winter since first time Skiers excitedly put on their snow pants and Ski away. I have not tried that. But I shall, this winter. That is a promise to myself. You may click here for more info about the activities.

Now that it is summer, Blue Mountain still has activities that may have been enjoyable only if we got there early. Instead, we opted to do one activity and just to go around the village area. The activity that we chose was the Open Air Gondola. We paid $12+ tax for the back and forth rides. I would describe it as a fake hot air balloon ride since there is really no hot air operating a balloon but the Gondola looks like what they would attached to a hot air balloon. Here is a visual:


The Gondola takes you to the top of the mountain where you can go hiking, rent a bike going down the hill, and other activities which gives you adrenaline rush. But because we got in so late and we did not have time for all the other activities, we only walked while taking in the scenery of the Georgian Bay.

IMG_6775 IMG_6777 IMG_6792 IMG_6771

IMG_6796“But first… let us take a selfie!”

Anyway, here are some more pictures that we took while strolling around the Village:

IMG_6818 IMG_6820 IMG_6841 IMG_6849 IMG_6863 IMG_6873

Winter or Summer, God’s work is still a beauty. You are His creation and You are a beauty. Remember that, everyday!


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