Rancho Verde BBQ

Last weekend, we were invited by Vince for some barbecue-ing. It was going to be at their ranch located in Orangeville. It was the same way as the Blue Mountain’s so we headed North. Instead of Kat, it was Dianne who was riding shotgun and we had an additional body, Genesis. We were so hyped up at first til we all fell asleep at the back of the Jeep. Of course, David can’t sleep and Dianne was his companion throughout the drive. It was roughly an hour drive. We knew we were at the ranch when our phones started not to have any reception. No phones meant an ultimate bonding among us. And we actually did a lot of things minus the phones which were only used to take pictures.

First thing we did was to explore the place. And here are some visuals for you:

IMG_6910 IMG_6909IMG_6937IMG_6916

There were two ponds, one for fishing and one for swimming apparently. But nobody dared to swim. It was 14 feet deep and it was very green. Maybe that was because of the reflection of the trees. There were hammocks attached to the trees. It was relaxing to be in the hammock except that there were mosquitos that screamed Malaria right to your face.

IMG_6897 IMG_6893

After we got tired of the hammock and endless tries of using the fishing rod, we decided to play tennis. We suck at it. The tennis ball flew to the pond so we had to use the rod to fish it out of the water.


We got tired and headed back to where the food was at. We decided that the food was ready but not all of them yet, so we ate the ones that were grilled. Then, we helped out prepare our supposed “lunch” which was actually served at 5 in the early evening, by cutting fruits which will serve as our desserts.


 One day, I shall buy my own ranch. This is one of my goals. Dream, work, pray hard and do not stop believing! -E


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