Edwards Gardens

This is a post that should have been made a long time ago (a month).

One Sunday, I decided to declare that we were to visit a garden. That’s it, no one can deny me of this joy. But of course, we know who that defiance was, it was my dad. He said all the excuses in the world but it was all good because I would not want the trip ruined in any way. It came down to my mom, my sister and myself and off we went to Edwards Gardens.. because I miss my husband too much, I decided to go visit his garden. LELELELELS. Corny. It was under an hour commute since I drove to where Siri told me to. It was a Sunday and it was after lunchtime so maybe it was the reason why it was so difficult to find a parking slot. My mom had to get out of the car and stand where the car of the people leaving the garden used to be parked. In short, she had to be the human cone to reserve my parking. She succeeded and she told me proudly how she asked the guys with two adorable kids if “they are coming out” of the parking lot. She said her english was so good that she was really proud of how she said it. She laughed when I told her that it can mean another thing, as coming out as gay. She said, “OH NO” but kept on laughing, nonetheless.


Edwards Gardens is located at 777 Lawrence Avenue East in Toronto. I just took Highway 401 and took exit 373 to Leslie Street and turned right when I saw Lawrence Avenue. And it is for free. You do not have to pay anything to wander around the beautiful garden. If I lived nearby, I would have come and biked everyday. But I do have Lakeshore close to me, so that’s okay.

Inside the garden, you only have to follow the trail and it looks small outside but it inside when you explore it, it branches out to different little paths that sometimes lead you to another smaller path or back to a path that you have been in already. My mom, because of her age, got so tired just trying to catch up with us. I asked her to pose every time there was a good spot and it was very funny how she was so conscious of how she looks. I told her that she’s old and that nobody cares but she said still she wants to look good in pictures. My mom’s hilarious. I wanted to take a lot of pictures with my mom because I want to remember that we used to be so close. I know that when I get to have my own family, our bonding time will be lessen tremendously. It is safe to say that I am just enjoying our moments.

Here she is like a kid saying: “Please take me home, I’m tired”. How cute is my mom, honestly? From 1-10?

IMG_6688Have you told her you love her today? Love you, Dodababes! This one’s for you!

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