Toronto Zoo

Last year, for David and Donita’s birthday celebration, we went to African Lion Safari. I remembered enjoying it a lot though I was not able to pet any animals in there. There were bird shows, elephant show, etc. This year, to make the animal experience complete, I went to Toronto Zoo with the Tautuan Sisters, Stacy and Peachy.

I was wearing my usual summer brown sandals with my lose floral pants and beige top. I wanted to wear something easy breezy because I knew I had to be comfortable for the trip.

IMG_7107Stacy was wearing jeans and she had a light jacket on which was useful for some parts of the Zoo because it can get too cold for what I was wearing. Peachy had her jean jacket on paired with yellow shorts. Though it was a 24 degree weather, there were still some parts where I wished I had a light jacket handy with me. It would have been more comfortable also if I had worn my Converse instead of my brown strappy sandals because the walk to explore the Zoo was more or less than 10 kilometres. It was exhausting! The good thing about the Toronto Zoo was that they let you bring in outside food so I was carrying my water container and some granola bars. Peachy had her PB&B (Peanut Butter and Blueberry Jam) while Stacy brought in Blueberries and Dates. It is very important that you have water for this trip.

The Toronto Zoo is located at 2000 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto, ON M1B 5K7. When driving just take highway 401 and take the #389 exit  for Meadowvale Road. There are big signs of the Toronto Zoo with a cute panda on it so it is very hard to miss. We paid $28 each inclusive of tax for the admission. 

After receiving the map from admission, we started our tour. The Zoo was divided into four areas: Americas, Canadian Domain, African Savanna, and Indo-Malaya. Click here for the map. The map is very useful when locating animals that you especially wanted to see. NOTE: There are no Elephants but there are Pandas. 

At the African Lion Safari, we were able to hop on the tourist bus which goes inside the “Safari” with a tour guide with all the animal fun facts. At the Toronto Zoo, there is a Zoomobile ride which goes around the Zoo. You have to pay separate for it. There is also a tour guide who probably explains everything to the people as well. We did not ride the Zoomobile, instead, we walked around.

Almost all the animals were sleeping when we went around the Zoo. We thought that maybe because it was Saturday and they all worked hard during the weekdays. Saturday was probably their day off or maybe we caught them during their afternoon nap? We were so happy every time there was a moving animal. It was a golden moment for us.

Here are some highlights of the Zoo:


Selfie with the Sleeping Panda as seen on the upper left corner of the above photo


Er Shaun, the cute but sleeping Panda


Penguins all cramped in the shaded area


Two Grizzly Bears enjoying their afternoon nap. They enjoy it too much, we were not able to see any action.


Stacy and I posing with the very Pink Flamingos


Red Panda just chilling out


See you later, Alligator


My second favourite animal, the very fat Rhinoceros


I felt like I was in Ripley’s Aquarium all over again


My favourite animal. Can I pet you?

And the closest-thing-to-the-actual-animal photos:

IMG_7021 IMG_7034 IMG_7054 IMG_7065 IMG_7098 IMG_7103

But the highlight of that day was my experience to ride a real camel for the first time. I had to pay separate for it but it was epic!


I felt like I was in the some Arabian Desert. It was legendary!

For more info. Visit Toronto Zoo.

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