The Ranch

My title post says it all. Last weekend, I went horseback riding with my sister and Stacy to celebrate the official first day of summer here in TO. The place where we did our horseback riding was called The Ranch.

The Ranch is located at:

2401 Burnhamthorpe Road West, Oakville, ON L6M 4H1

Siri said to take the highway but I refuse to pay the the toll in Highway 407. I simply cannot. Consequently, we got there in the very very nick of time. But for your reference, you can simply take Dundas going west all the way to Bronte where you turn right. After approximately three kilometres, you won’t see it but you should turn right onto the Burnhamthorpe road. Just go straight inside that tiny “road” and you would see “The Ranch” sign. The picture below is a picture that told me I was in the right place!
When we got to The Ranch, we were immediately educated on the do’s and dont’s of our ride. They showed us how to get on the horse, how to make the horse walk and how to let the horse know where to go. It was the basics and it was all we needed. Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing, they taught us how to stop the horse — very very important! We were given one horse each and every one of the horse has its own name. And get this, my horse’s name is Miley and Kim’s horse was called Billy. Stacy’s horse was Rita. So what does it tells us? These horses are celebrities! HAHAHAHAHA!!
IMG_7166 IMG_7162
The ride lasted for over an hour. And we had to pay $40 for it. It was a mixed of walk and jog of the horses. The horses would constantly try to eat the grass surrounding the trail but it was important that we try and stop them. I would always tell Miley to not even think about it. It was 3pm when we started the trail. After we were back at the barn, we allowed the horses to drink and later escorted them inside the barn.
IMG_7193 IMG_7145 IMG_7140
NOTE: It was very hard to take pictures while riding the horses so for documentation purposes it was best to stick to taking pictures before and after the ride. But since my sister was so awesome, she took some of Miley and I while on the trail. I tried my best to take some of her and Billy as well. And Stacy’s Rita!
The next day after our ride, my bum hurts! But it was all worth it.
See you next time, Miley!

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