Lake is the New Beach

Since summer started, I have been trying to visit the “beaches” close to my area. It is not actually a beach like with a nice white sand, transparent clear salt water, rather, an artificially made shoreline guarding Canada’s Lakes. The good thing about the water is that it does not hurt your eyes. No more tears! The Lakes or Beaches are nothing compared to the ones in the Philippines or Cuba, to be honest. But how would I know if I would not try right? And besides, I have to love my own. I live here, duh. So far, I went to the Northwinds beach around Blue Mountains area. I went to Brimley Beach aka Bluffs Beach which was in Scarborough. And the latest one I went to was the Cherry Beach. Sounds delicious no? Cherry beach is somewhere in the almost middle of Toronto — assuming my geography is right. It is one sweet kind of hidden and not so hidden spot.

All the said “beaches” has lake water (no salt but cold), and their sands are hot. I only go when the weather is between 22-27 Degrees Celsius.

For Family Barbecue Outing - Northwinds Beach 
Hwy 26 West between Collingwood and Thornbury

IMG_724010314590_10204233431017327_4258013943593827987_n 10464401_10204233430897324_2302078994544850577_n

Guarding the Georgian Bay in the town of Blue Mountain, Northwinds Beach can be located at the Craigleith Provincial Park. It has free parking and change/wash rooms. The Northwinds Beach is appropriate for an afternoon of relaxing and barbecuing for family/friends. It does not have a superb view and if you really want to have some water fun, it is not really the Lake for it. If you want to get some tan? Sure. Bonding with the family? Perfect. There was this one spot that is elevated when you walk into the water. The area is very rocky so you better be careful not tripping on the rocks once you have dipped yourself already. One more thing, those elevated rock formations are very mossy so you have to go very slowly. There was not a lot of people when we went so it was a fairly peaceful. It was easy to find parking. The sand area for some sun bathing was not as wide as the Bluffs Beach though.

For a Scenic Spot - Brimley Beach 
7 Brimley Road S, Scarborough ON



The Brimley Beach is a 15 km stretch along the shoreline of Lake Ontario. It has double value in terms of a scenic spot. The beach can be located at the bottom of the Bluffs Park in Scarborough which are cliff formations that eroded some years back creating a masterpiece design of rocks. The beach has better quality of sand than Northwinds Beach. And I like the fact that Brimley Beach has a wider area to lay around to get some Vitamin D. All afternoon, my sister and I just lay there to enjoy it. Though I did not need to work up a tan cause I already am. We basically people- watched at the beach. After my sister and I hit the beach, I drove to Cathedral Park atop the “Bluffs” to get a nicer view of the whole beach. And this is my mistake. If you wanted to get a better view, you should drive to the “Scarborough Bluffs Park” or to “Bluffer’s Park”. But my sister and I, upon crossing the fence, still saw an overview of the Beach. Please see photo below.

PS. The Beach does not have free parking access and it was so hard to get one. I drove around for 15-20 minutes before I saw one. What a waste on gas. It has a decent change/ wash rooms as well. Better than the Northwinds’.

For Fun Water Activities - Cherry Beach
275 Unwin Avenue, Toronto ON


IMG_7566 IMG_7611 IMG_7567 IMG_7558Along the shoreline of the infamous Lake Ontario is the Cherry Beach — in the opposite direction of the Bluffs and just outside of the Toronto Harbour. What I remember about the Cherry Beach are the yachts, paddle-boarders and the kite/wind surfers in its waters. There were a lot of water activities going on when we went. And we were there for the same reason. My sister, Peachy, David and I went there to paddle some boards. We had to pay for parking. It was easy getting a space. The hard part was knowing where the trail to the beach was because from the parking lot there was a thick border of trees so you really could not see that the beach was just across. I was bitching the whole time cause we were late for the paddle board lesson and we could not see the beach from where we were. But as we finally asked some people out, we knew the way. I stopped being a bitch. Cherry beach, in terms of size, is almost as wide as the Bluffs. Though I feel like the Bluffs is still wider. Cherry Beach has change/wash rooms. There was also a campsite-like area opposite side of the sandbanks where people set up tents and the beach was still viewable. It is a shaded area so it’s perfect for people who want to be at the beach and campground at the same time. It is also perfect if you want to be at the beach but do not want to get a tan.

So whether you want some water fun or work up a tan, there is a perfect Lake for you. You just have to research and look! Until the next “beach” review! xx

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