Something’s a Picking

There are lots of kinds of fruits that you can pick here in Canada. And this summer season, two of the most popular ones are the Strawberries and Cherries. And because I do not eat the latter but love the former, I decided to do some Strawberry Picking. You see, one of the many summer activities here in Canada is fruit picking. One popular place to do some Cherry Picking is a place very close to Niagara but I did not want to drive that far and my dad went there already the day before I decided to do my own picking. He said that it was too far of a travel to just do some picking in Niagara. So, I did my research and found one in Milton. So I went to:

Andrews’ Scenic Acres 
9365 10th Sideroad
Milton/Halton Hills, ON
L9T 2X9 

IMG_7787 IMG_7800


I drove and got lost going to the farm. Because my GPS failed me or I failed it. This is what happens when you drive okay but your direction skills are poor. I had to GPS my location to my friend Kat who was kind enough to drive to where I am so I can convoy with her. Too much of a hustle and too much of waste of gas. Anyway, good news was we did not have to pay anything going into the farm. All they require you is to bring a tiny white basket where you can put in the fruits that you chose to pick. They just want you to fill it in. Warning: you cannot mix fruits in one basket. You have to put them in different ones.


Free tractor ride — Farm feels

The farm was so big that we had to ride a tractor type of vehicle to get to where the Strawberries are. This ride was also free of charge. When we got to the picking area, we started complaining but moving forward to the original agenda — pick some Strawberries. Typically, there would be more complaining after, but Kat, Peachy and I were all quiet while minding our own business. It was surprisingly enjoyable and you get a sense of pride every time you pick something good. You would sweat a lot too in this type of activity. You would sweat buckets and you would have to crunch down so you can pick your Strawberries.

IMG_7819 IMG_7802 IMG_7822

What I realize after picking the Strawberries was how hot and tiring it was to stay under the sun when I can choose a different kind of activity for that afternoon. But then again realizing that it made me happy. I salute all the local farmers who patiently do the picking for us. Now, more than ever, I have the reason to support the local famers who really put in the work and effort so we could eat something fresh like the fruits we personally picked that one time, ONE TIME only whereas they do it  every time. We did not stay as long as they do in the sun so I can only imagine their patience and hard work. Let us support freshness ’cause we all know that “good things grow in Ontario”.

IMG_7837 IMG_7842 IMG_7832


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