Waterfront Night Market

Waterfront Night Market

222 Cherry St Downtown TO

It is not always summer in Toronto so when it is, festivals are lined up every week for people to visit. I was able to visit the annual T&T Waterfront Night Market during the last weekend of July. It was the perfect weather for it. It showcased various asian vendors, performers and an overall night market experience for the guests. It was held at 222 Cherry Street Downtown Toronto. It was hard to miss and we had to pay $10 for the parking. It was free admission and lasted for that weekend only. Of course, you have to pay for the food itself. Most of the food were fairly priced and the line might be long but it was gone quickly. The people who worked were efficient and nice except for the blonde girl working at the Kijiji booth who was so rude to us when we asked her some valid questions. Anyway, we still got a free photo from the Kijiji booth. Here are some of the visuals during the Night Market:




Fruit-ceptionized: A fruit shake inside the actual fruit


Tip: Go and wander around the whole area because there were a lot of free stuff to grab onto. Just don’t be shy. We all know people like freebies.

The night market reminded me so much of the Philippines because of the food, the culture, the people (though there were not a lot of Filipinos), and even the mess. I guess, even if you are miles away from your original home, you always have a way to recreate it and re-experience it. It may not be the exact one like what I was used to but it was very close enough. Toronto is slowly becoming another home away from home.

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