Hamilton: Waterfall Capital of the World

I went and hike to a freaking falls.


Albion Falls – Hamilton ON

So we were lost yet again. Siri you failed us. Yet again. The good thing was that we finally made it after asking two old-aged men for directions, one failed park we thought to be a way to the falls, and a hike that does not have a proper trail. The truth was we could have parked in a lot almost directly above the falls. What a failure but the hike was good. Peachy and I were wearing flip flops and something that appears to be a Birkenstock. When we reached the falls, we knew that the hike through the unguided trails was worth it and was finally finished. We saw people taking in the picturesque beauty and we joined in the bandwagon after looking for the perfect spot to take photos.


It was particularly mossy so we had to be extra careful climbing up the falls for a better photo. See picture above. See me in action climbing it. The water might look calm but in reality when you have come face to face with the falls, the water was so strong and you will really get wet.


This picture was taken on the second level of the falls. There was a proper land trail on the left side of the falls where you can go directly to the second level and not climb the mossy part of the falls. I was too overjoyed and enjoyed the falls. I was surprised to find out that Hamilton, less than an hour drive from Toronto, was the waterfall capital of the world. I was also surprised on how many falls were still out there. If you wanted to connect more with nature and explore these beauties, click here to see the list.


1. Bring extra clothes if you plan to get a nice photo with the falls. You shall get wet. And you will get drenched from sweating through the hike.

2. Research about the falls you plan on visiting first. When I researched about Albion Falls, I made sure there is a base where I can climb down and take a nice view of the falls. I researched on Instagram with the hashtag #albionfalls and found some very useful photos as a reference.

3. Plan your trip. Use Google Maps instead of Apple’s Maps. To be honest, I have been lost on the road three times because of the “Maps” of Apple. It is also better if you know the exact turns and exits you need to take to get to the falls. Planning your trip saves you gas too.

4. Dress for the activity. I dressed well in terms of the shirt and the pants, but I wore flip flops instead of hiking shoes. The good side about the flip flops was when I climb the falls, I did not mind if my flip flops got wet. In any activity just make sure you are dressed appropriately.


Climbing on the other side…

And because Peachy and I were not afraid of anything, we tried climbing the right side of the falls, the one without the trails. We were practically rock climbing without the harness but roots of the trees to hang on to. Our target was only until the second level of the falls but we went straight to the top. See above photo for reference. See that rocky side with the fence on the top? That was where we were at when we finished “the climb”. We climbed while our flip flops and Birkenstock were slipping. It was scary. I thought I was going to fall down because it was very steep. We got to the top and found a way to get to the other side without needing to jump over the fence. We crossed the bridge atop and went back to the parking lot where our car was. And we finally drove home.

Adventure is out there!

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