We’re Two, I mean Three!

How does it feel like to have a whole person inside you? Okay I am not talking about a monster or alien movie. I am talking about a real life person, with feelings, maybe some hair, yes to covered with skin and most probably looks much like you. The first time I confirmed that I have this real life person inside me, I could not believe it because I did not feel anything new. Well except when I had some headache which I was not sure if it was from work related stress or too much consumption of sugar and fat from my diet. I did not have to wait for the doctor to fill me in with the confirmation to be honest because by the time I had my blood drawn to make sure I was pregnant I had missed a period or two already. I was not sure anymore which one is period and which one is excess blood because the eggs are “implanting”. I read somewhere it was called implantation bleeding and you could have mistaken it for a period which I did. When the doctor said: “Yes! You are indeed pregnant. Congratulations!”, my first thought was not how special the moment is, I was not in that moment yet. My first thought was, how do I survive this? This is not something bad. It was me in my preparation stage thinking where do I even begin? Who do I tell? How do I tell them?

Edward believed already before any confirmation so he is not the first person I confirm the news with. It was with my mom. And it went a little like this over the phone: “Mom I tested positive” “What did you say?” “I am positive” “With what?” “Pregnancy test” “Ohh okay” “Don’t tell dad yet, I am going to tell him” “Okay” “Okay bye”

I told my boss since I am entitled for one whole year of mat leave. And as part of the company I care that someone take care of all my workload while I am temporarily away – in the interim. They need to make plans in my absence. I told my closest cousins and then my closest friends. And then I told social media. That’s how most people would know it.

Having one whole person inside you makes you change your habit. For some reason, I was eating fruits everyday and I try to avoid my most precious chocolates and ice cream and all things they say is bad during pregnancy. I had to eat a full meal every time because it is not only me that I am looking after but some miraculous being crawling through me inside kicking my uterus for fun. The best part about it are the trips to the doctor. Whenever he was ordering an ultrasound or something where it is evident that I actually have someone in, it makes me so happy.

The first ultrasound was around 15 weeks. Thanks to technology, I saw it move and do sommersaults while the technician tries so hard to capture all of it. They had to complete their reporting. It was not easy being poked through while holding your pee in. You have to drink at least 1L of water so the technician can see the baby. And there it was! Complete with nose and skull (yes these were the features I noticed first). I did not know what the gender then so that had to wait. But here is the proof I have the baby there:


The second ultrasound happened around 5 months if I am not mistaken. This was when we knew that it was a HE. We are having a Baby Boy!!! This is both scary and overwhelming and all things I have not experienced in my entire life ever. Now I have to learn everything fast and mature as I care for a totally brand new person coming into this world. I am excited for you!!!

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