Finally Someone Noticed!

imageFinally! Someone noticed I was pregnant and I did not have to say anything.

A lot of people are finding my pregnancy “small”. Not sure who their basis are. Some even asked me where the baby is. Girl, I am telling you, he is somewhere under this shirt. Calling myself pregnant has actually been very awkward for me. It does not mean I despise it but I do not know how to say it. Can somebody just say it out for me? The only people I have actually told that I am indeed pregnant are my mom, some of my college friends before I had broadcasted it through social media and my manager (oh and our ex HR person too). My director knew it from my manager. My dad knew it from my mom. My husband just knew – he was part of the creation process. My aunts, uncles and cousins knew from my husband and dad one long weekend they were all together while I was traveling the US. My officemates knew through a meeting when my manager casually dropped the news that there were two pregnant people from our team that have to go on mat leave. And they were all like “who is the other girl pregnant? (Me! Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!)”. The rest knew from social media with me not using the word pregnant but using the baby as a proof that yes I am pregnant. When people asked me how come they never knew all along, I think to myself if they even asked and if they were expecting me to advertise that I am pregnant. How do I even say I am pregnant when there was no bump yet. Even on the subway, how do I tell people to give up their seat specifically for the disabled, the children and the pregnant women of this world (I am one of those women). What if they ask me for a proof? Whenever I sit there on those designated seats on the subway, I get dirty looks when I don’t give it up for some old person. But come on people, I too, have needs. Pregnant woman needs of a blue seat. One more thing at work, how do I even tell people not to stress me out because my baby can be stressed out too when I can’t even say the P word. Pregnant pregnant pregnant. That’s what I am. I am pregnant so give me my seat, don’t stress me out but don’t make me feel like I am disabled because I am not! I am capable more than you know. For all we know I walk faster than you do like a speed of lightning. Like flash. Sometimes I even forget that I am pregnant so my husband has to remind me but not this 7-month mark, people started to notice. And I am giving it to the sales person of the shoe store at Dixie Mall where my mom and I went shopping yesterday. He looked and said, “don’t bend, you are pregnant I can help your mom try on the shoes”

BOOM!!! And just like that I was more confused more than ever. Not the end. I still want my blue seat on the subway tomorrow when Monday hits.

to be continued…

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