Elon was born! (Labor timeline)

Hello friends!

I wanted to share the timeline when I gave birth to Elon. I am writing this because I wanted to remember how it all went down for my first newborn. Here it goes:

November 18 (Wednesday):
Last day of appointment with my OB. This is what I thought to be the last day since my due date was on the 20th. I had an ultrasound (the very last one for Elon) and although they found out that Elon was absolutely perfect, my amniotic fluid was NOT. It was running on the low side. My OB said I had to be induced .. the next day.

November 19 (Thursday):
I asked Edward if he can take off work from Thursday and Friday. I was certain that I would give birth Thursday after they had induced me but apparently the effect was not right away because I had to wait 12 hours before I actually gave birth.

On Thursday, at 2 in the afternoon, I was induced so I can feel contractions because there was nothing to begin with. Induction is a procedure where they artificially start the pain for you. What a procedure to ask for. But then again it was the best for Elon so I had to go with it.

By 6 in the evening, after walking through downtown Toronto and eating Korean fused with Japanese, I felt some mild cramps. These cramps felt stronger after an hour.

By 8PM, I was admitted in the hospital. LABOR HAS FINALLY STARTED!

By 10PM, my OB, who was luckily on duty, manually ruptured my bag and broke my water. My dilation was still somewhere around 2-3 centimetres. The progress has been slow. I needed to pick up pace. I had to reach 10cm.

November 20 (Friday):
By 12AM, to speed things up, they put me on Oxytocin. They said the effect will be stronger contractions, which I needed, to push Elon out. Oxytocin will help with the dilation too since it has nothing but slow.

By 2:30AM, I felt the Oxytocin just fine. Too fine that I had to ask for an epidural to numb the pain down. Originally, I have decided to avoid epidural at all cost because of the known side effects. But because I could not handle the pain, which was 100 times worse than menstrual cramps, I asked for it. Don’t judge that I did not exhaust my options before asking for it. I had tried walking. I had tried eating to make the pain go away. I tried to sleep the pain off. I even tried bouncing up and down the Yoga Ball. All but to no avail. Epidural was needed. I refuse to remember giving birth as an awful experience so I had asked for it. Epidural is an anesthesia injected in your spine to block pain.

By 4AM, the contractions died down to “pressure” instead of pain. There was pressure but no pain. The resident came to check how I was doing in terms of dilation. I was still in 3cm. He had to give it a push and open the tissue so I can make it to 5cm. The progress was awfully slow. I was thinking I would not be able to deliver until lunch time. But I had asked Elon that he should come out by 6AM because Karen, my nurse, would be leaving by 7:30AM. I wanted her to be there when I deliver Elon because she was good and explained everything to my paranoia mind. She calmed me down through the entire process of giving birth.

By 5AM, after having barely an hour sleep, I felt a strong urge to do number 2. I needed the washroom! This must be the Korean fused Japanese dinner I had the day before. Or so I thought. I told myself to hold it off and wait until Elon was born. But the urge started to become painful. I had to double up on the epidural.

By 530AM, I had called Karen and told her about the urge. When she checked, she told me that it was actually Elon ready to come out!!! I woke up, woke Edward up and told him if he wanted to record the whole thing it must be an angle from the side and not in front of my spread out legs. He agreed. Karen prepared the instruments the doctor will need. She paged or called someone. We practiced pushing. Pushing required you to inhale as much oxygen as you could and exhale to the count of a slow 8. I asked Edward to stay on my right side and count. I don’t want him in front since I heard stories about people passing out at the sight of the baby coming out from “there”.

By 5:45AM, Karen, Edward and I were all actively pushing. I was pushing, they were counting. Edward was making sure everything was recorded.

By 5:55AM, the resident came and instructed me when to push, when to stop pushing and when to let go. Everything was so fast after. Nobody said about dilation anymore. Nobody cared if I have everything open up to them. As far as all of us were concerned, the head was down there and I should just keep on pushing. Or stop at a certain time.

By 6AM, Karen told me to look down because Elon was there. She said your son has hair. And then on a second thought she said, a lot of hair actually. I looked down and saw something came out. With no pain but only calmness in the room, I felt happy that Elon was finally out into the world. And he came out right at the moment I told him too. Good job, son!

Elon Estandarte was born on the 20th of November (via normal delivery) at exactly 6 in the morning. He was 6.1lbs and 52cm long. He had bring joy to his parents, Ericka and Edward ever since.

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