Elon, what do you mean? 

Having a newborn looks so easy. What can a half human being need that’s so hard to understand? Apparently, a LOT!! They cry, it might be pee. They cry, it might be poo. They cry, they might be hungry. They cry, it might be they want to cuddle. They cry, maybe they need to burp?

Here are some things I feel like Elon is trying to tell me each day and night when his cries are judging me:
IMG_3921 “Mom, you can’t sleep yet”

My greatest battle after breastfeeding, was the lack of sleep. When I was still in school, I never stayed up all night to finish any requirements because I do it in advance. But how do I do that with a newborn? I can’t. I have to wake up every hour he might need to feed, he might have poo-ed, pee-ed, or might have need some cuddling or need some burping to do. So you think after they close their eyes you are fine to sleep? Guess what? Not yet! You have to do the preparation for the next round of crying. And the rounds do not stop. It is an endless pit of cycle. But you can always have a master plan so you can sleep while he sleeps. I am still looking into that during the day but we are good at night time.

“Mom, I want your boobs now. Give them to me” 

When Elon needs to feed, he needs to feed. It does not matter if it is in an upright position, laying down on the side, cradle, or football hold. As long as his mouth can reach the boobs, it is perfect. My son is a good sucker. He knows how to suck for food. He got that from me! Hahaha! He has that certain type of cry when I need to nurse him. It sort of sounds like when an adult is hangry (hungry and angry). Elon has the cue of opening his mouth and turning his head left and right like looking for his food. Once he gets his mouth into the boobs, he can stay there as long as 30 minutes without letting go. Unless of course my milk letdown is too much, in which case, he will stop, cough, and close his eyes when you try to burp him. He sleep fakes this early on! What a drama king. When you put him down in like this he is not going to sleep yet because he has not full fed still. He is going to cry so you pick him up and do all the rounds again. And I am telling you when Elon wants the boobs, he needs to get them right away or else the sobbing and his cue to feed would not be stopping any time soon.

“Mom, I am giving you two hours. Timer starts now!”

After a week of hourly feeding, Elon had extended his hours to 2-3 hours interval. It means that I can do more and sleep a little bit longer. A little bit but still not long enough. When he starts to drift away and I was able to successfully place him in his crib, on my mind, I am counting down to the hours that he will wake up. If I need to throw the garbage, pump, clean, cook or take a shower, I have to do it right away. I have to be sure that I am timing it properly. If I don’t, I have to run to him while in the middle of, let’s say, sautéing or showering. It seems as if I am in an Elon timer mode where I have to finish the things I have to do before he wakes up again. It’s like Survivor at home and there are reward challenges and I am racing through Elon time.

“Mom, you think you’ll have a lot of spare time to watch don’t you?”

I salute all the moms winging it without any help. I mean how hard do you work. I thought that going on maternity leave is like going on a vacation. You know those things where you just “Netflix and Chill”. But you don’t. It is so much different with your little one crying and you trying to figure out what’s wrong this time. When people say that they are jealous of someone going on mat leave for a year because they can take a year off, guess what, there are no days off. It’s all work, honey. Between pumping and breastfeeding, top it with trying to keep your place clean and tidy, I don’t even know where I got this time to write. Maybe I just don’t sleep and I have a lot to say. Or maybe I am good at time management (no not really). So let Elon say it again, “No spare time for you, mother”. It has become all Elon time since the 20th.

“Mom, change me now! I am turning red” 

Elon has this cry like he is about to die. Like literally someone has gutted something out of him. He turns red and by the looks of it, it seems that his airway is closing and blocked. I get scared the first time it happened. After ruling out the other possible meaning of his cries, we were left out with wet diaper. Elon has been screaming “CHANGE ME! CHANGE ME!! I AM WEEEET, MOMMY!!” After changing him and swaddling him after, you think he’s content? No! He will feed like there is no tomorrow because the diaper has been emptied so he can soil it again. Haha! The first week of changing diapers has been challenging because Elon had his circumcision plus the umbilical cord that we needed to watch out for. Extra care, vaseline and gauze were needed for his circumcision healing. The diaper had to be folded/rolled down as well so the umbilical cord can freely heal and detach on its own. There is also the possibility of him peeing on you, on himself and on your bed while you are changing him. You have to have something that is covering him so the pee goes down the changing pad and not spray everywhere within range. After a week when his circumcision had healed and the cord had fell off, changing diaper has been easy peasy.

“Mom, I want some cuddle time please”

Newborns are sweet human beings. And they are spoiled too! Elon has this soft cry. It is soft that you don’t think he’s in pain or anything. When he “cries” like this it means he wants to cuddle. I find that Elon loves skin to skin time and like most newborns, he loves being cuddled. They say that parents should not get them used to it but every time he has this quiet time – where he is just awake, not crying and just staring blankly somewhere – I cant help myself. I have to take him into my arms, smell him and kiss him. Cuddle time is my favorite. I can’t wait until Elon can finally hug me like the hug of an actual human being – full and tight! I think I have spoiled him already about cuddle time.

So you say newborns can’t talk yet? They definitely still says a lot. Tell me more, Elon.


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