Elon shivered, I panicked 

The first time I gave Elon a bath, it did not turn out well. He shivered uncontrollably. I panicked like a mother. Like a mother that I am. I was not at all prepared but my baby is losing his baby scent so I had to give it a go. My preparation was poor. I had a tub. I had a washcloth. I had the hypoallergenic soap. I had the towel. But these were all short. See, when you are giving a bath to a newborn everything must be ready, as in everything.

You have to have another cloth on top of the towel. A receiving blanket would be good to use. There should be two layers of protection for him from the cold. You have to have two “tubs” –one for soaping, the other for rinsing. They can’t stay long in the water too because they get cold easily. The most important thing to remember is, you have to have the bathroom door closed. This, I failed miserably the first time. Then outside the bathroom, you have to have all his clothes, lotion, diaper, and what have you ready once he is out. He will shiver a little bit of course but not too much. It is always better to have someone with you while doing this bathing of a newborn. But because I have a strong confidence in myself and Elon, I did it alone (still doing it).

This is what happened on my first attempt (do not judge please): 

1. I prepared the things I thought were necessary for the bath – towel, soap, washcloth, tub.

2. I took off Elon’s clothes, mitts, socks, and diaper. He soiled the diaper so I cleaned him up first.

3. I took him to the bathroom naked.

4. I put him into the tub.

5. I started soaping him. He decided to poo.

6. I poured water all over his body in an attempt to get rid of the yellowish poo. Nothing happened. It stayed in the tub.

7. I took him out of the bathroom to get a receiving blanket. He was shivering.

8. I went back to the bathroom to rinse him while he was crying turning red screaming “WHAT MOMMY! WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM MEEEE!!!”

9. Unsuccessful, I have decided to just wrap him off with the blanket and the towel.

10. We got outside the bathroom, he was crying shivering, I took another thick blanket and wrap him off with it as well – he got three layers of protection.

11. He stopped crying. I prayed he would not get hypothermia.

This is the more peaceful version I hoped I had done the first time: 

1. Prepare all the things necessary before, while and after bathing the baby.

Before bathing: oil to massage

While bathing: two tubs (one for soaping, one for rinsing), hypoallergenic soap, washcloth, dipper (for Filipinos like us we call it Tabo, for others any container that can hold water)

After bathing: Towel, receiving blanket, clothes (socks, hat, mitts, and onesie), lotion, another receiving blanket, diaper

2. While wrapped in a receiving blanket, gently take off your baby’s clothes until only the diaper is left

3. Massage oil to his whole body

4. Take off the diaper and clean him first if it’s soiled and then massage oil to that area

5. When he’s naked, wrap him in the receiving blanket

6. Take him to the bathroom and CLOSE THE DOOR SHUT

7. Take off the receiving blanket and place him on the tub for soaping

8. Soap him using the washcloth and the hypoallergenic soap

9. Rinse his head first using the dipper (Tabo) – think of how the priest pour water into the baby’s head during baptism, that’s how you rinse the head

10. Rinse his whole body by placing him into the other tub

11. Cover him with the receiving blanket, towel and another receiving blanket (you’re almost there!)

12. Outside the bathroom, make sure it is not too cold. Unwrap all the layers he has to put his diaper on.

13. Apply lotion.

14. Clothe him fully – socks, hat, mitts, and onesie

15. Wrap him with a new and fresh receiving blanket

Bath time has been more peaceful now with little to no more crying and less shivering. I have mastered the art of giving Elon a bath every other day that we do it. It’s my second favorite after cuddle time. It’s nice to bring back his “baby smell” after all. Remember: Preparation is key! 

Elon is satisfied after a nice bath: 

All is well! Xx

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