I am my mother

The only thing closest to motherhood I thought I would have experienced before I was close to 30 years old would be through my mom’s. I never thought that at 26, I would actually have firsthand experience. 
  A month into this motherhood fiasco, I find myself surviving with broken sleep. I am crazy on keeping a schedule and organizing everything for my son and myself. I take hours to get ready. I shower more than five minutes now. I am totally like my mother. In fact, I have become my mother. 

Broken Sleep

When I was pregnant, I was told over again to sleep as much as I can. I said you know, sure. I have always slept at least 7- 8 hours a day being the healthy person that I am. I knew even before that sleep was important. I would not be trading sleep to stay up late to watch something – I can always record it/download it. If I knew then the amount of sleep I would be losing now that I have a son, I would have slept at least 10 hours when I was still pregnant. If I can do 12, I would. I thought it would only be for some days that I would lose sleep. Apparently, the “losing” of the sleep would be more than “some days” to what I have originally believed. It is now stretching into a month. I do not even count how many hours I sleep now because I do not have the brain cells to even think about it. People say, sleep when your son sleeps so you catch up on yours. It does not work. How does this concept work? During the day is when you do your other chores – household, self, etc. And how do you sleep if you have not eaten yet? How do you sleep when you check constantly to see if the baby is okay, alive and breathing? HOOWWW!! I will learn this soon! 

For the soon to be new moms out there, come on, sleep. Sleep like there is no tomorrow. It is the best gift you can give yourself before the little one is born. 

Schedule and organize

I am crazy about keeping a schedule. If I can even schedule, peeing and pooing, I would. I think I did. When you have a baby, scheduling is really important especially when you are going out. When you go out, it is like entering a battlefield and you have to be ready and organize. You have to have your weapons aka diaper bag. You have to have your strategies aka how to fit in the stroller + grocery into the car trunk. You have to organize when to pump or if you are bringing the bottles with your breastmilk. I have not even mentioned the scheduled sleeping time + bath time. When does the baby eat? When do I eat? What time do I shower? What time do I bathe the baby? Where do I fit all of these while out and about? Even when you have a sitter for the day, say your parents, you still have to crazy schedule and organize. 

Things to ask yourself before heading out: 

 Is the diaper wet? 

Change it before you leave

Baby ate yet?

Nurse now or regret later (bring a bottle for the car ride for emergency)

What’s the weather like? 

Make sure baby is well clothed for the cold/heat

Walking with the baby?

Bring the body wrap carrier or stroller

What’s in the diaper bag:









Change pad

Pump set (if you are pumping)

Extra clothes for yourself 

Extra blanket

Burp cloth

Nursing pads (if there’s too much milk)

See? This is why I officially love staying in (at least for now). Outside is just chaotic. But if you have to, schedule and organize to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Getting ready and showering 

I used to be okay to go out even with short notice — like you text me now and then pick me up in 30 minutes. I can get ready very quickly. One time I timed my shower and it was literally just one Coldplay song. If it was not 5 minutes, it was definitely less than that. If getting ready seems to be a walk in the park before, now that I have a son, it has become a run for your life in the jungle — you try to soothe him while you try to pack the diaper bag, while you check his diaper, while you pick your clothes, while you pick his clothes, while you feed him, while you try to feed yourself, while you make sure all electronics are charge, while you make sure the house is safe to leave. All these you try to do and then you think to yourself that maybe you don’t have time to shower anymore. And then you decided you can’t so you just do it later that night trading your sleep for it. 

My shower time has dramatically been upgraded to 10-15 minutes time and to be honest, it is now the highlight of my day. It signals that another routine has ended and I can finally catch some 2 hours sleep and then some until the little one starts crying again. My preparation time from a 30 minute or less notice would now be at least a day. You have to tell me the plan ahead or there won’t be anybody getting ready to leave the house. I need a one day notice if we’re hanging out, my friend. 

Last Sunday, Elon celebrated his one month into this world. Coincidently, our annual family Christmas party has been the same day. This was sort of a test on how we would fair getting ready for a party with a newborn. The party starts at 3 pm. We started getting ready as early as 8am so we could be at my mom’s by 12nn. See how much time and effort we put in there? We were on time for 12 to settle down since the party will be at my mom’s place. I showered the night before, put Elon into his party outfit from the morning (a mistake since he spat a couple of times before the party), unfreeze breastmilk from the freezer, and finally straightened my hair for the party. Below was Elon and I during the party. Elon is hanging in the Mamaroo. I, on the other hand, tries to make sure he is okay. I think we did okay for his first party. Edward helped a lot so I can stay sane that day. I appreciate him that day more than ever. Thank you babe!  

Motherhood has a way of turning you into your mother. I have watched Elon in the Mamaroo while he sleeps. I was too focused on Elon that I even watch him while he sleeps. I don’t even find it weird just necessary! I have now become my overzealous mother. And I love it! 

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