Elon is 1 month

  • Elon is 11.11 lbs and 55 cm long
  • Elon has chubby cheeks
  • Elon has double chin – you can’t see the neck
  • Elon still shivers like he is falling
  • Elon cries when he is hungry, wet or gassy
  • Elon sometimes coo that resembles to the sound of “how” or a soft “aww”
  • Elon loves to lift his head – he has a stronger neck
  • Elon can stare but gets cross eyed doing so
  • Elon kicks his legs while crying when he is upset
  • Elon loves to be cuddled and carried during the day but stays in his crib at night
  • Elon smiles with a sound like “aaaahh” or “eeeehh”
  • Elon loves tummy time where he practices lifting his head
  • Elon knows how to say he is hungry by opening his mouth while turning his head right and left
  • Elon enjoys his play time – he looks around and interacts with people
  • Elon sleeps and is well behaved during car rides
  • Elon kicks and grips hard
  • Elon eats like there is no tomorrow
  • When Elon demands you have to answer him right away. Elon has become my boss. I love you baby! Here’s to a month and many more!

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