Baby Mama at 27

Hello World!

I am 27 and a Baby Mama.

When I was younger, below 20 perhaps, I told myself that by 28, I would get married. 28 or never was my mantra. And by 30, I would have my first kid. Fast forward today, at 27, I am already married and with a kid. I am saying this with no regrets. I loved how my life turned out to be. 

Although sometimes I feel disappointed not keeping up with the goals I have set for myself, I am most certain that this is the life God wants me to lead. No matter how hard I stir towards the life I thought I want, life stirs me somewhere else. And it is always the best because I only stir towards the good, and God stirs me towards the best.  

 Thank you Lord for letting me become a mother. Thank you for correcting my selfish ways. Thank you that for once, I put someone else’s needs first before myself. Thank you for the gift of motherhood. 

What a beautiful work of Your Hands this life is! It’s such a fascinatingly unbelievably perfectly timed masterpiece.

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