A Year In Toronto



Happy one year in Toronto, Edward!  

When you came to Toronto for good to be with me, I did not think how you would like it. I was too selfish to think about that. I only thought: I want you here whether you would come to like it or not.

But seeing you now how you have come to adapt not only to the weather but also to everything else this diverse city has to offer, it was good that I have not given your adjustment period that much thought. Although you say you have not accomplished a lot after a year, think that some people who have migrated to this country would have backed out by this time. But you see you are all well and good, if not more.

You drive. You have a full time job. You provide for the family. You passed your financial advisor licensing exam. You wear a cardigan in an almost zero temperature (Wow Canadian). You have a son (major achievement!!). And you know your personal and professional goal. Knowing about what you want is the most I am proud of. Not a lot of people will come to realize this no matter which part of the Earth they are in. Remember that I am always going to support and back you up – although always with a challenge. I will be that woman behind a very successful man.

Your persistence has always been the key – even to my heart. To being successful and more! 

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