To More Poutines and Caramel Sundaes 


You probably think this letter for our anniversary is overrated. It is true. I have written too much about you on this blog that I even have a category named “Edwards” just to store all posts about you. But I also admit that I have neglected you since Elon was born. As I write this letter, you were asking me again if I was mad at you. You have developed the habit of asking me that every night when I silently rush all chores while Elon is fast asleep. I, on the other hand, developed shushing you when you try to start a conversation because I am in a rush to sleep with Elon.

Our date nights are now watching a movie at home with the lowest audible volume with subtitles. Even that does not even reach 2 hours because I would fall asleep. Our day time dates would be the Costco runs where you would order your Poutine and I would order my Caramel Sundae. This is also the same time I am praying that Elon does not wake up from his nap while in the carrier. 

While you think that you are unappreciated, not a day goes by that I have not thanked the Lord for giving you as my partner in life. Everyday I know you go to work to provide for Elon. And everyday you struggle to make me happy. I want you to know that although it may not show, the highlight of my day is when I hear the door keys clicking at night – I know you are safe and I know you are home. The saddest part is in the morning when you say “Babe, I’m going” to which I sometimes call out “Okay love you” while breastfeeding. 

I may forget now and then to say that I love you but I hope I show it and hopefully you feel it. And although I always say that I am disappointed when you forget something or did something wrong, know that deep down, I do not mean it. I just want you to remember it for next time. Elon is lucky to have you as his father. Next Halloween, I am allowing you to use Darth Vader’s voice to tell him that. We can dress as the characters in Star Wars or even Batman. Elon can be Bane. I am calling on Rey.  

Thank you for following Elon’s schedule. Thank you for tending to my sometimes ridiculous requests that can get annoying. Thank you for playing with Elon although his cries can sometimes get discouraging. Thank you for trying. Thank you for wiping the water splatter around the bathroom sink, the toilet bowl, and the kitchen sink. Please work on remembering the humidifiers and the garbage. Thank you for being an overall good husband – not bad for a first timer. Haha!

And although you may occasionally call me the B word indirectly using your playtime with Elon, I know you only do because I did something to upset you. Happy anniversary, babe! To more Costco runs with you. I love you. 


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