Follow The Sun 

I love watching movies since they are, most of the time, make believe. Watching seems to offer an alternate reality during the times that I might need one. 

I have Kill Bill as my favorite movie of all time. I have loved badass female characters cause when I watch them, it makes me feel empowered — almost like I can be like them. By being like them I meant being strong (not the killing part). Recently, my taste in movies have changed. Now I lean towards movies with positive vibes. I prefer the lighter ones that would make me think good about life after watching it. Now I present you my favorite animated movie – Croods. 

This is where I got the new name for my blog – Follow The Sun. You’ll Make It To Tomorrow.  The Croods movie is all about open mindedness and staying alive for the Tomorrow. The Croods family had followed Guy and looked forward to Tomorrow and survived. We are taught to appreciate the present. And in reality, we live one day at a time. I remember in Kung Fu Panda, Master Oogway referencing the present as a gift. 

And while it is true, without looking forward to a future, sometimes we get complacent. But if we have something to look forward to we strive in the Today to make good in the Tomorrow. The Tomorrow holds a new beginning when the Today sucked.

Let my blog be a reminder to live and love the Today with an open mind and welcoming arms of making it to Tomorrow. Let us all have a beautiful Today and Tomorrow. 

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