Elon is 2 months

  • Elon responds to his name
  • Elon smiles with his eyes and lips when you call him by his name
  • Elon is 15 lbs and 62 cm long
  • Elon is clingy
  • Elon loves bath time
  • Elon has longer playtime
  • Elon can recognize his mom and dad’s face
  • Elon communicates by smiling and sometimes with a sound short of a laugh
  • Elon loves to cuddle even when sleeping
  • Elon hates being put down on the bed, couch or his crib
  • Elon shrills when he is upset while crying
  • Elon smiles with his eyes
  • Elon knows how to make paawa with his low key cry
  • Elon loves being talked to
  • Elon loves to be held upright
  • Elon loves to kick his legs and wave his hands
  • Elon loves the kissy sound
  • Elon wears size 2 diapers
  • Elon sleeps longer at night
  • Elon can tolerate a wet diaper but not hunger


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