Motherhood x2

Let me start not with “the woman I find most beautiful…” Too cliche. Beauty is relative. But cuteness is absolute. My mom is the cutest. Period. No questions. She is the standard when it comes to cuteness. Many people have already told me that Elon looks like my mother. And I totally agree most of the time. I was so fond of my mother that while I was pregnant with Elon, I just seem to miss her all the time. And the result was tada, Elon looks like her. They are both the cutest in their own category (baby, adult).  I am happy that at 26, I have an Elon. It is sort of a gift for my mother. She told me that she never got to enjoy me or my sister while we were babies. Now she gets to appreciate everything about Elon. She appreciates the baby smell. She appreciates Elon’s soundless laugh. She appreciates even the poop which sometimes reaches Elon’s back. Cleaning the poop is the funniest. We are sometimes clueless how to reach his back that we die of laughter while Elon sobs and begs for us to clean him. 

I am thankful that God had this perfect timing of my mom being able to see Elon. This is not because I need a babysitter but because I never expected that any of my child’s existence would get to cross my mom’s. You see, when I was younger, I had believed that my mom would have a short life span. She had been on maintenance since I can remember. Probably since I was seven. She had this random tablets I did not understand what for. And she would always have this dialogue that she would die soon. In a way, I believed her although she did not mean it. At the back of my mind, I thought that my mom can die anytime because of what she always says. But now she even have a grandson! Now her dialogue has chnaged for Elon saying that she won’t be alive for when he becomes a doctor. This one she’s probably right.

We always kid that she would only live until 75 because that’s her mother’s age when she died. Now she is turning 62. She will probably live to the age when Elon gets to be a teenager. I hope she sees his girlfriend. My mom would seem to be difficult for some people. This is because she stands up for her beliefs – which is a lot. Her beliefs actually make sense. Once I made the mistake of not following her, I would soon understand that she was right. She would not rub it in but she would remind me. 

My mom shows her love differently too. I remember in College, we had the Havaianas phase. These were the times people were obsessed with thousand peso flip flops. My mom would let me buy them although they are not the most practical. She just love me like that.  Mom, if I can be even 1/4 of the mother that you are, Elon would be lucky (but maybe less of the paranoia). I love you and I am glad to have shared this motherhood phase with you. I can’t wait for many more trips and moments we would share with Elon. And probably another Elon/Elleana 4-5 years from now. I just hope that when that time comes, you won’t be having a hard time fastening your seatbelt cursing like a sailor and stressing about not being able to see where the, as per your words, goddamn thing, connects. Happy Birthday, Lola Dods!

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