Elon is 3 months!


  • Elon is 3 months 
  • Elon has a longer playtime
  • Elon sleeps longer at night and more frequent shorter span of time during the day
  • Elon is 19lbs and 65 cm long 
  • Elon smiles and coos a lot
  • Elon loves bath time 
  • Elon had reverse roll over
  • Elon loves to sleep now in his crib
  • Elon is easier to be put down to sleep
  • Elon is wearing size 3 diapers 
  • Elon can hold his head for a longer period of time
  • Elon can prop himself upright while sitting with the support of some pillows on his back and side
  • Elon wears size 9-12 baby clothes
  • Elon loves to be carried and rocked to sleep
  • Elon can see colors and shapes farther
  • Elon does a funny face when he smells strong scented perfume
  • Elon loves to put his hand to his mouth and suck it 
  • Elon loves the sound of the vacuum
  • Elon imitates faces of people talking to him
  • Elon shrills his frustrations when he does not get enough sleep 
  • Elon is growing well
  • Elon is adorable and my baby boy

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