Elon is 4 months! 


  • Elon has been baptized as a Roman Catholic 
  • Elon is 20 lbs and 70 cm
  • Elon can self soothe by sucking on his whole fist or thumb 
  • Elon can put  himself to sleep
  • Elon is able to entertain himself
  • Elon wears size 4 diapers
  • Elon wears 9-12 months baby’s clothes; 12-24 months in some
  • Elon loves to sit with support 
  • Elon sleeps through the night 
  • Elon eats/drinks less milk and looks intently at solid food when mom and dad eats – he had a taste of some 
  • Elon can grasp at toys, hair and other body parts (watch out!)
  • Elon gets excited during story time in the morning when he wakes up and before bed at night 
  • Elon is interested in other people’s faces
  • Elon is interested in everything around him
  • Elon is easily distracted by the world
  • Elon experiments with different noises and sounds other than crying and laughing 
  • Elon giggles when you toss him lighltly and when you tickle him
  • Elon smiles when you try to put your face close to his
  • Elon can hold his head for a long period of time 
  • Elon can shift to his side but not all the way to his tummy yet
  • Elon loves being talked to
  • Elon loves mommy and daddy playtime
  • I love you too baby! 

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