Tiny Bed No Problem

Prompted by DAILY POST.

I started the morning awoken by my husband who quietly asked me if he could squeeze into our bed. And by “our” I meant myself and my son’s. This was not the case 11 months back when Elon was born. When he was born as tiny as a 6-lb anything, he was okay to sleep in his crib (most of the time). After some months, he grew accustomed to sleeping in it even requesting to be in there (I know this through his cries of protest). But after a series of travelling, he never wanted to be in it, not even near the crib. Thus, our co- sleeping arrangement. Honestly, it was the best.


  • I don’t have to stand up if he cries at night wanting to be fed, to be rocked, etc.
  • I can hug this still tiny human being while sleeping.
  • I am warm while sleeping (cause those baby bods are the warmest even in winter).
  • I get to wake up looking at that cutie’s tiny face.
  • No more broken sleep: cause I am a breastfeeding momma, I have all my baby’s needs aka BOOBIES.


What about disadvantage? Let us begin with the daily prompt word today which happens to be TINY.

It does not matter how big your bed is, if you co-sleep, the bed is tiny. I repeat, the bed is tiny for three people – that is for you, your husband, and your baby. I have noticed that co-sleeping is normal for Filipinos. It’s the easiest thing, they said. I have tried not to do it for fear of SIDS, as per my doctor. But now that my baby is big enough not to be squished by either Edward or I, I am more comfortable to sleep beside him. The result is a bed filled with a tiny human with a tiny space available for his Mama. Only for Mama. Edward and I sleep in separate beds for now. For how long you ask? I am not sure. So far, this arrangement works for us. Our family doctor advised that this might not be the best arrangement for husband and wife. But if wife is getting the sleep she needs, husband will get the same too – given he sleeps early too. In the beginning of this co-sleeping arrangement, Edward would tell me that we should re-train Elon back to sleeping in his crib. We even moved his crib beside our bed, only to no avail. Sometimes I would feel the same way as Edward’s but my thoughts would lead me to this question:

When is he every this tiny again and would want to sleep beside me?

Well, not when he is twelve, for sure. Time lost can never be returned so I am living the moment. I know some would say re-train him now before it’s too late. Let us be. Let me complain about it later. And I would let you tell me “I told you so”.

– Happy Co-Sleeping Momma

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